For 50 years, Somfy has always been at your side.

Over 50 years of innovation

From the first roller shutter motor, heralding the end of the crank handle, to smart home, Somfy has spent the last 50 years assisting and making life easier for millions of users around the world. Day after day, we imagine for and with you the home of tomorrow, more comfortable, more responsible and safer. We create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve the better life and well-being.







Let’s innovate together!

More than 2,000 patents filed.

Every day, 500 engineers collaborate and innovate to bring simplicity, security and tranquillity to your daily life. By introducing quiet and connected motors, mobile apps to easily manage your home, and smart solutions that can communicate securely with each other, our teams are inventing the homes of tomorrow. It's thanks to this fundamental work, and the more than 2,000 patents already filed by our Research and Development Centre, that Somfy can guarantee you efficient, long-lasting products. But now, it’s your turn! Do you have a suggestion regarding a new product or how to improve our products? Visit our interactive My Somfy Lab website to share your ideas!

We act for green

We strive to improve all living conditions, to ensure they are safer and more comfortable, and more environmentally-friendly.
1. We act in favour of more efficient buildings, and for the wellbeing of their inhabitants. We take into account the environmental impact of our solutions throughout their life cycles.
2. We act in favour of eco-designed products. Every day, the main concern of all our teams is for a greener and more sustainable environment worldwide.
3. We act in favour of more responsable practices.

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Choose French quality

All our products are designed and manufactured in Haute-Savoie by teams trained in the latest technologies. To guarantee their quality, performance and longevity, we perform regular testing and inspections according to rigorous process. 

By your side every day!

Because quality products require efficient services, we support you throughout your projects with:
1.     A network of certified Experts throughout all our territories.
2.     Online services to better meet your needs (quote requests, forum, videos and instruction manuals).
3.     A customer service hotline to answer your questions.
4.     A home repair service if you have a problem thanks to our specialists network.
Choosing Somfy means choosing all this!

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So Open with Somfy

Our range of products complement and combine with each other to create customisable and scalable solutions that can be used with other brands and home equipment players. Find out more about So Open with Somfy and all our partners!

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You can trust us

We ensure that your personal data is kept secure. Protecting and respecting your privacy is our priority!

The story of a forward-thinking brand


A pioneering spirit

In Cluses, at the foot of Mont Blanc, Somfy* develops the first tubular motor, marking the end of crank handle and ushering in electric roller shutters, screens, awnings and blinds. Our story begins in France, Germany and Sweden, where the company already has subsidiaries. The adventure has begun!
*Société d’Outillage et de Mécanique de Faucigny (Mechanical Tooling Company of Faucigny).


Tonight, Somfy is on TV!

Somfy's first television campaign was broadcast prime time on France’s Canal +, but by 2005, the campaigns become international. Somfy goes from a brand reserved for professionals to an end-users brand.


Long live Radio!

Somfy integrates radio technology into its motors. Thanks to RTS (Somfy Radio Technology), roller shutters, screens, awnings and blinds can now be operated using a remote control. An additional advantage of radio technology is that a single remote can be used to control multiple products. It’s so easy, it’s Somfy!


From roller shutters... to the whole house

The brand begins to motorise garage doors and gates as well. It also acquires the company, Domis, a designer of wireless alarm systems. At the dawn of the new millennium, Somfy products are able to control all openings in the home as well as its security. Simple and accessible wireless home automation was born.


First partnerships with other brands

 Somfy signs the first home automation alliance with Velux and launches io-homecontrol, the wireless two-way radio protocol. It’s now possible to control Somfy and Velux equipment using the same remote control and check that everything is running smoothly with the feedback function.


Controlling your home is easy with TaHoma®!

100% cloud, 100% radio, 100% open: the TaHoma® interface arrives on your computers and smartphones to help you easily control your home. More than 200 compatible devices are now able to communicate and interact!


Connected objects

Somfy acquires two major names in connected devices: MyFox and Okidokeys; and, with them, develops products to expand its range of home equipment. Three flagship products are launched: the connected door lock, the connected thermostat and the Somfy One, a camera with a built-in alarm.


Expansion accelerates with the "So Open with Somfy" programme

Heating, light, music and virtual assistants... Somfy expands its partnership programme to enrich the connected home experience. In June, the brand opens its APIs to developers for even more freedom.


We can't wait for tomorrow!