Just ask to play a scenario!

TaHoma, Somfy’s most complete smart home solution is now compatible with the voice assistant from Amazon : Alexa.

You can create your daily life scenarios on the TaHoma® app directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer and play them with Alexa, if you have an Amazon Echo, an Amazon Dot, an Amazon Tap, or any device integrating Alexa.

Hasn’t everybody wished they could speak to their home?

Speak to Alexa to launch your pre-configured TaHoma® scenarios. So easy to use and time saving ! Say the wake word “Alexa” and control your smart home, using just your voice** !

The interaction between TaHoma® and Amazon Alexa is available today in English, French and German. To check if Amazon Alexa through the Amazon Alexa enabled devices is available in your country, please refer to amazon website.

**For security reasons, some equipment are excluded from TaHoma® scenarios when launched via Alexa : entry door, garage door, alarm, camera, siren.

Live intense connected moments, with TaHoma® and Alexa!

Use the wake word “Alexa

Say the trigger word “turn on”

Tell Alexa the name of the TaHoma® scenario you want to launch.

❝For example when I say “Alexa, turn on I leave” to Alexa, I close all my rolling shutters, I turn off the lights, and switch the thermostat onto eco mode.❞



Thanks to voice control, it has become very intuitive and children-friendly to control your home equipment! You only have to speak to Alexa, using the wake and trigger words to launch the pre-configured scenarios created in TaHoma®



No need to switch on your smartphone and open the app to launch a scenario created with TaHoma®! All you have to do is to speak to Alexa.



Thanks to its compatibility with major brands of home equipment, TaHoma® allows you to manage many key home devices. More than 40 possibilities of scenarios can be created and vocally launched, speaking to Alexa










Just ask Alexa to launch your "Goodbye" TaHoma® scenario.

- Closes your motorised curtains, blinds or roller shutters

- Turns off your light plug

- Switches your connected thermostat to economic mode


Just ask Alexa to launch your "Cinema" TaHoma® scenario.

- Closes your motorised interior blinds

- Dimmers your light plug

Just ask Alexa to launch your "Goodnight" TaHoma® scenario.

- Closes your motorised roller shutters

- Turns on the night light

- Switches your connected thermostat to "night" mode