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Somfy offers you greater energy savings, comfort, simplicity and security for your home, with its specially chosen partners giving you quality, reliable products.


Our TaHoma® partners in detail

For a Smart and Connected home

Heating partners

Connected energy management solutions


As a major European player for thermal comfort and convenience, Atlantic designs, manufactures and markets solutions offering greater comfort and savings, combined with respect for the environment: heating (electric radiators, boilers, heat pumps), domestic hot water (solar and thermodynamic electric water heater), air-conditioning and ventilation. Atlantic and Somfy are getting together to offer a solution which combines Somfy’s smart home expertise with Atlantic's expertise in heating control. This association enables remote control of Atlantic equipment along with other home appliances, improving comfort and energy saving in the house.

Connected heating


Hitachi, a specialist in heating and air-conditioning, is working with Somfy on efficient solutions for comfort and energy saving in the home. The TaHoma® interface, developed by Somfy, controls Hitachi heat pumps, adapting them to operate with other equipment in the house. The user can operate the heat pump easily from the app. Choosing the operating mode (heating / air-con / absence) and temperature settings, the user configures the weekly programme.

From thermostat to home automation


Prominent in the heating market, this group has launched innovative thermal comfort products, the basis of the brand’s reputation. Its founders actually invented the room thermostat in 1885. Almost a century later, in 1988, the company was also the first to market a programmable radiator controller. By adding the io-homecontrol ® radio protocol, the Honeywell group is hoping to work together with the benchmark companies such as Somfy, to expand into the home automation market. So its wireless solution Evohome which provides room level control of the thermal comfort in a smart home can now be controlled from the TaHoma® box.

Connected heating solutions


For over 80 years, Thermor has been a presence in the daily lives of the French, through its heating expertise. As the leading French brand, Thermor designs, develops and manufactures connected radiators and renewable energy water heaters in France. Thermor and Somfy are getting together to offer a solution which combines Somfy’s connected home expertise with Thermor's expertise in heating control. This association enables remote control of Thermor equipment along with other home appliances, improving comfort and energy saving in the house.

Connected energy management solutions


Since 1915, Sauter has been developing thermal comfort solutions closely aligned with consumer expectations. Heating and domestic hot water, through ventilation and renewable energy, Sauter designs innovative, simple, green solutions, available to everyone, to improve daily well-being. Sauter’s priority is simplicity, offering a complete range of services and tools to assist in installing and using the equipment. Sauter and Somfy are getting together to offer a solution which combines Somfy’s connected home expertise with Sauter's expertise in heating control. With TaHoma® from Somfy, it is now possible to control Sauter radiators, within the house or remotely, along with other home equipment, to improve comfort and save energy.

Connected solutions for air-conditioning and heating


The CIAT group is one of the leading European companies for heat pump heating, summer comfort and air-conditioning. It has grown through optimised energy solutions, improved air quality and the creation of more comfortable indoor settings, while ensuring sustainable development and respect for the environment. Ciat and Somfy have now combined their expertise to offer innovative solutions in terms of comfort and energy savings. With the io-homecontrol protocol, CIAT’s heat pumps connected to the TaHoma® home automation box facilitate the transition to smart home.

Connected solutions for heating and boilers

De Dietrich

Leader in the condensing boiler market, De Dietrich has been on the Confort Durable® path for over ten years, offering multi-energy heating systems giving energy savings while protecting the environment. De Dietrich and Somfy are partnering up to offer a solution that combines Somfy’s smart home expertise with De Dietrich's expertise in heating control and domestic hot water production. This association enables remote control of De Dietrich heat pumps and boilers, along with other home appliances, improving comfort and energy management in the house.

Connected thermostatic valves


With Danfoss Living Connect radiator controllers, you set and programme your heating room by room, using TaHoma®. You can adapt the temperature of your residence according to the rooms and for different times of the day. They provide greater performance and comfort while cutting energy bills. They provide greater performance and comfort while saving energy and costs.

Energy Management partners

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. The company is now leading the digital transformation of the sector.  

Schneider Electric and Somfy have combined their know-how to offer a unique experience in connected housing based on an optimal interoperability of their offers. The two companies joined their forces to propose the first smart home ready electrical panel for the residential market: TaHoma® Din-Rail & Schneider Resi9 electrical panel with Wiser Energy module.

The intuitive TaHoma® interface by Somfy® restores the energy data collected by the Schneider Electric's module: Wiser Energy. The user can thus read his precise consumption through his TaHoma® App.

*Offer available in December 2018


Roof windows connected solutions


Brand leader in roof windows, Velux is now offering cupola windows for flat roofs, light wells, blinds and shutters for roof windows, as well as the automatic controllers required, to make the best use of fresh air and natural light, as well as to control light levels and improve everyday comfort.

Together, Velux and Somfy developed the io-homecontrol® radio technology with feedback, shared by major home brands. Built into a wide range of mutually-compatible products, it covers the whole house and proves very useful on the roof, in loft extensions, over a mezzanine and a staircase. With intelligent home automation, Velux io-homecontrol® roof windows, connected to the TaHoma® home automation box, are accessible remotely as well, and sensors close them at the least sign of rain.


Maco is one of the main companies in the window hardware business and certainly one of the most innovative in this business. Somfy decided to partner with the best window market players in order to speed up the development of the Smart Window category.

With Maco and Somfy's expertise, you benefit from a perfect system solution for controlling and monitoring the whole house, especially your windows.

The Maco mTRONIC window sensor independently detects whether windows have been opened normally or with force. Maco mTRONIC sensor uses the Enocean radio protocol so you will need Enocean dongle to connect it to your TaHoma® box. Thanks to this compatibility, you can create TaHoma® scenarios to simulate your presence with the lights when the sensor detects a break-in through the windows and send you an alert!


With the KFV motorised doorlocks connected to TaHoma®, you can open your front door remotely if a child has forgotten his key, check that the lock is closed when you are away from home, or be certain the door is closed when you go to bed.


This handle, fitted with a sensor, lets you check if your window or your patio doors are open or closed. With TaHoma®, you can easily adjust your heating and the position of your shutters based on the opening of the windows.

The sense of opening


With the Somfy GU Controller io, a common solution from GU and Somfy, it is now possible to control and monitor entry doors, sliding doors and windows. In addition, the GU Controller io enables the GU-SECURY automatic multiple locking device to be connected to the Gretsch-Unitas group motor drive in TaHoma®. Thanks to the closing monitoring function and the feedback function, you are always assured that your front door is correctly locked. Thus, you can not only open and close your door, but also monitor it remotely. You get comfort and security. 


The Bricard and Somfy connected doorlock


Bricard, a key player in security solutions, offers a large range of reliable and evolutive systems meeting the highest standards in terms of security. The Bricard x Somfy connected doorlock, combining Bricard lock and cylinder powered by Somfy motor, is certified A2P, a guarantee of security that offers the guarantee of a quality recognized by security professionals.
The TaHoma® interface, developed by Somfy, controls Bricard connected doorlock. The user can open or close his door easily from the app, and even add it to daily routines.
Combining Somfy's expertise in motorisation with Bricard's know-how in terms of safety, this partnership marks a step further in the democratization of the connected home and reinforces the position of leaders of the two brands.


A connected home filled with music


Sonos is the wireless audio system which fills your house with incomparable sound, for your music, films and TV programmes. Play the song of your choice in the room of your choice, or the same song in every room. With Sonos and Somfy, you can fill your house with music and combine your music or favourite radio programme with a scenario and life moments programmed into TaHoma®. The Tahoma interface is compatible with all the Sonos speakers, using your “favourites” list from the Sonos app. Integration into the TAHOMA platform works with the Sonos system: the speakers are identified in individual rooms or groups of rooms in TAHOMA, and reflect any change made in the Sonos app.

Lighting partners

Connected lighting solutions

Philips Hue

Philips and Somfy are partnering up to offer users a new view of home automation, with a solution to improve home comfort. With their respective areas of expertise, Philips Hue and Somfy are providing a full package of home equipment control, available to everyone: managing light has never been so simple and efficient!

Philips Hue, the indisputable leader in connected lighting, is offering a range of bulbs which change the way light is used.

Philips Hue compatible with TaHoma® to break new boundaries in the connected home! Lighting has a very special place, and now, with control over various types of lights using Philips Hue, TaHoma® is a truly open solution on the market, offering the best for the connected home to its users.


Legrand and Somfy are two major players in the smart home market, with complementary distribution channels. Their shared ambition is to provide their end users with a complete connected home experience thanks to the compatibility between Somfy and Legrand home automation solutions.

Legrand Céliane™ with Netatmo is a range of connected plugs and switches. This range is now compatible with the Somfy radio roller shutters thanks to the Somfy Smart Home TaHoma® or Connexoon home automation box. This means that Somfy radio roller shutters can now be controlled with the Legrand Home + Control* app and vice versa: control connected Legrand products in the TaHoma® app and create an endless choice of scenarios!

*Control of IO and RTS roller shutters in the Legrand "Home+Control" app scheduled for January 2019.




Since its creation in 1988, Securitas Direct, renamed Verisure in France, is the European leader in remote surveillance, with over 2 million customers. Always at the forefront of innovation, Verisure by Securitas Direct relies on the latest technological developments in security, as well as on its qualified professionals, who can apply the security system within 30’’.

Verisure, leader in remote surveillance and Somfy, leader in connected home equipment, are sharing their expertise and knowledge to provide the most comprehensive security package on the market.