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Centralise control of your projection screen, blinds and lighting!

You can use the same remote control to operate all your equipment.

Intuitive and ergonomic remote control

Situo 5 RTS is a confortable and elegant remote control which allows you to control up to 5 motorised blinds and curtains. Its modern aesthetic design is available with 4 linings: pure, silver, rose, gold rose.

Protect your home from the sun

When connected to a sun sensor, your blinds and curtains close automatically to protect your furniture and carpets from the sun’s rays.

Wirefree sun sensor

Sunis Wirefree io is a discreet sun sensor which can be positioned on any facade. Program your sensor to automatically lower your blinds and close your curtains according to the sun's intensity, and keep it cool inside.

Rediscover your favourite films!

Launch your customised home cinema scenario from your smartphone or tablet. The screen lowers and the curtains close creating optimum lighting and the ideal conditions for you to enjoy your film!

Connect your blinds and curtains for more serenity

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