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Centralise control of your patio or conservatory equipment!

You can use the same remote control to operate all your equipment.

Modern and aesthetic remote control

Situo 5 IO is an ergonomics remote control with a non-slip back face. It integrates 3 functions: up/down and My (favorite position) buttons. Control individually or in a group of up to 5 awnings or external venetian blinds.

Protect easily your home’s interior!

When the sunlight heats the exterior, the solar protection system is lowered and protects your home or your conservatory.

Take full advantage of rain sensors.

With the Connexoon Terrace app, create scenarios with your motorised awnings and rain sensors to automatically raise your awnings when it starts to rain. You can also check the position of your awnings remotely with the function "Check terrace", and also close them remotely.

When it starts to rain...

Check remotely that all your awnings have been retracted correctly!

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Smart Home

Connect your patio or your pergola:
it will change your life!

Use your smartphone to create a customised ambiance. Lighting, music, heating... Take control of your patio!

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